About Us

Arion Bouviers has produced dogs titled in French Ring Sport, all the Herding orgs, Schutzhund, Search and Rescue, Cadaver dog, Obedience, Agility and Conformation as well as having many home companions and therapy dogs.


Hello, I’m Chris Reden. Bouviers are the passion of my life. Arion Bouviers celebrated 30 years in 2008 and it only makes me happier each year to share my life with these incredible dogs. (Not sure they’re really dogs!) Together, my dogs and I do a protection sport called French Ring Sport. It’s like martial arts for dogs and develops a dog that has the ultimate in balanced emotions,self control and courage. We reside outside Atlanta, GA in a fast growing small town.


I established Arion Bouviers in 1978. I had never seen a Bouvier in person but had read the breed standard and researched that the breed was a very hardy, long lived working breed with a stable temperament yet an effective protector. I was living in Brazil at the time where all working dogs had to pass a protection test to get their breed championship. I wanted a dog that was a great protector in a land where robberies were rampant but I also wanted a dog that would be safe around children and adults since, on our small farm, we had a family of caretakers living. The veterinary picture at the time was almost non-existant and I wanted a breed with few genetic problems. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to breed dogs to uphold and improve the breed, so I wanted good stock to start with. I visited many kennels in the USA finally deciding on my choices. They were good choices which set me on a path of life long devotion to Bouviers.


Always building on my original dogs’ solid foundations of health, soundness, longevity and most of all, a joyful zest for life, I have just introduced a new set of bloodlines to Arion in the form of Athar. Now I’ll work on finding the characteristics and combinations most conducive to my ideal Bouvier character of stable, courageous, trainable and audacious. I look forward to continued training in Ring as soon as I can get back to it and to what others discover and achieve with the Arion Bouviers who are a part of their lives.