Advanced Training

CGC, Advanced or Competition Training

CGC to UD or just plain “best trained dog in the neighborhood”. Private or semi private coaching for competition or advanced practical. Take the bond with your dog to a new level of teamwork. Learn how to see competition demands and preparation from a different point of view. We employ a variety of different techniques both new and old. From these, we find the best combo to motivate and coach you to success. You can work with us for a complete program or just use our trouble-shooting for occasional work.

Canine Good Citizenship Certificate

Canine Good Citizenship Certificate is the entry level into having true control of your dog. This series of 10 subtests was designed by the American Kennel Club in the early years of breed specific legislation and the growing fear and litigation over dog bites. This certificate shows that your dog has mastered basic obedience control and does not act either aggressive nor overly fearful when exposed to surprise distractions, meeting other dogs and gentle handling by strangers. This training is best done in our small group format because we can help each other simulate the testing experience. But you can achieve your CGD just working in private and semi private lessons done in a variety of public places. It has been said that having a CGC is a great proof that your dog is trained and safe in the event of litigation, however, only a legal professional can advise you on what it may or may not do for you.

Advanced Training

Advanced Training develops true teamwork with your dog. Together you reach a new level of communication and adaptability to new situations. Learn to apply your basics to all manner of demanding situations. Combine basic commands into complex routines and teach new skills you may have thought you’d never know how to do. It is within your reach if you are motivated. You will develop increasing skills to maintain control over your dog off leash in appropriate settings. We do not recommend dogs to be off leash in any situation where it is illegal or where any small loss of attention could get the dog hit by a car or otherwise in peril. (After all, licensed drivers still have wrecks.) You can work with us privately, semi-privately or in small groups. Check with us to see what group advanced training opportunities we have coming up.

Competition Training

If you are involved in training for competition and need some coaching or new ideas about how to improve performance, contact your local dog trainers to see how they can help you.  They do problem solving for better performance.