Puppy Training

Puppy Training is the very best thing you can do for your puppy. It sets the stage for your lifelong relationship and grows your puppy’s mind so it can learn faster and more easily throughout it’s life.

Private Puppy Head Start

Some people like to start the day after they bring their new pup home by having us do a Puppy Headstart visit in their home. This lasts an hour and a half and covers all the basics about management, house training, puppy nipping, games to play, how to discipline, how to teach basic behaviors.

Puppy Primer Class

Puppy Primer Group Class is the best way to start your pup’s socialization process and training while getting the right advice about building puppy’s confidence and avoiding the myriad pitfalls of attempting socialization without good instruction. Puppies develop best when they are guided carefully through new experiences allowing them to learn new things in a confident rather than scary or startling way. This is a four week course designed to teach basic cues, manners, games, grooming, housetraining and socialization.

Why Train Your Puppy?

We’re always being asked, “What’s the right age to start training my puppy?”

Our answer: Everything you do with your puppy is training of one form or another. You are either training the behaviors you want or you are training (or just allowing him to learn) behaviors that you may not want.

Puppies are like sponges. They just soak up everything and it is all a learning experience of one type or another. There are special techniques that make training your puppy some of the most fun you will ever have with a dog. It’s like teaching children in pre-school. Everything is a big educational game geared to teach and motivate all at the same time.

Start early to turn your pup into the “dog of a lifetime,” your best friend. We teach pups in person starting one week after they have had their first DHPP shot. That usually means that the pup is 7 or 8 weeks of age. But we are happy to help you start even earlier than that by advising you over the phone or suggesting books. Call us today for more information.

To cope with and take advantage of the many rapid developmental changes your pup will experience, we recommend that you start guided training as soon as you get your pup. In fact, sooner! Prepare yourself ahead of time. Pups go through rapid changes as their brains and bodies develop. You may one morning see your pup just terrified by something it previously never even noticed. That’s just the beginning of a new developmental stage when the brain is suddenly equipping the developing pup to avoid danger. In the wild, this stage had great survival value. Your pup may go out in the yard one day and decide that he is really interested in what is in the neighbor’s yard and he’s not going to come when you call. This is a sign of increasing independence and is another stage of growing up.

If you check the roles of dogs for adoption at shelters, you will find a huge number of dogs between 8 months and 18 months. Ever wonder why? These are the spirited pups who grew with no guidance, no training and then suddenly became “too big” or “too hard to handle.” Your pup needs guidance to grow up great.